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5D Lashes Curve D Mix 8-13mm Pink

21.00 CHF
  • The handle of this eyelash extension mirror is made of stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable, exquisite and compact. The handle also has a non-slip grip that feels comfortable and does not slip out of the hand easily. The mirror is made of acrylic materials, which provides a clear view of every little detail for you to create flawless eyelash extensions.
  • The connection between the mirror and the handle adopts a 45-degree inclined angle design, which makes it easier for you to observe the eyelashes and can be adjusted at any time.
  • A must for eyelash technicians. It allows you to observe your client’s eyelashes from any angle, you can use the eyelash extension mirror to check the roots of the eyelashes, and timely discover the root curling, adhesion and other problems to ensure that you make perfect and long-lasting eyelash extensions.
  • Portable size: The total length of the mirror is approx. 16.5 cm, the diameter of the mini mirror is approx. 1.8 cm, portable size to take with you.
  • The stainless steel mirror can be used not only to look at eyelashes and eyes, but also to observe the face and mouth, or whatever you want to look at. This useful tool can also be used as a dental inspection mirror.